Sukuk as a tool for Socio Economic Empowerment

Sukuk can easily create and ensure economic empowerment. The most essential aspect of Sukuk implementation is dependent on the design and structure.
In fact at a time when Global Financial Crisis is already causing chaos in the financial and banking industry, Sukuk has the capability of playing a
notable role in combating poverty and empowering the poor and the venerable. This can shift the label of those less fortunate form being social burden to development booster.

Why and How?
Sukuk is a financial instrument which offers alternative funding sources for the delivery of critical and fundamental infrastructures and projects. History provides evidence that governments cannot fully play the socio-economic role and create an environment for economic activity.
Therefore, Sukuk can be implemented to fulfill governments‘ needs and supply the needed funds to create a good environment aimed at the betterment of the mass and improve living standards.

Dr. Thamina Anwar